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NACMPA is the North American Chinese Medical Physicists Association. NACMPA is a scientific, educational, and professional organization devoted to the field of physics in medicine and biology. The information provided in this website is offered for the benefit of its members and the general public.

Newsletter Spring 2019 V4 No.1

NACMPA2019 Meeting Flyer

Newsletter Fall 2018 V3 No.2

2018 Meeting Summary

今年在纳什维尔城外的New Century Buffet召开了NACMPA的大会。与会有大约300人。
会议介绍了NACMPA的领导人,感谢本地的组织者们,介绍与会来宾,感谢赞助商,Allen Li 现任主席介绍了过去一年的成绩,曹明博士介绍了财务情况。同时有几个奖项颁发:陈昱纪念奖,IJMPCERO最佳文章奖,NACMPA最佳文章奖,NACMPA服务奖,2018 NACMPA荣誉墙得主 John Wong, 大会还进行了选举活动,选出下一年主席 Brian Wang和财务Yin Zhang。

Newsletter Spring 2018

NACMPA2018 Meeting Flyer

CSTRO-Phys/NACMPA Meeting Announcement 2018

Newsletter Fall 2017 V2 No2

NACMPA2017 Payment Receipt

NACMPA2017 Meeting Flyer

Newsletter Spring 2017 V2 No1

Symposium, 2017

Call for Members, Feb 10, 2017

Newsletter Fall 2016 V1 No1

2018 Nacmpa Reward Ceremony

2018 Yu Chen Excellent Community Service Award

Chengyu Shi, Ph. D.

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2018 IJMPCERO Best Papaer Award

Yingxia Liu, Z Saleh, Y Song, M Chan, Xli, C Shi, X Qian, X Tang

Novel Wavelet-based Segmentation of Prostate CBCT Images with Implanted Calypso Transponders

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2018, 24th NACMPA Best Paper Award

Junwei Shi, et al, University of Miami
Optical Molecular Imaging-guided radiation therapy part 1: integrated x-ray and bioluminescence tomography

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2018, 24th NACMPA Hall of Fame Award

John Wong, Ph.D.

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2018 President elected

Brian Wang, Ph.D.

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2018 Treasurer elected

Yin Zhang, Ph.D.

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2018, 24th NACMPA Service Award

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Brain Wang

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Maria Chan

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Jing Cai

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Xiaofeng Zhu

2018 Sponsors

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